WordPress Lead Capture Tool Will Take Your Business To New Heights
21 Dec

WordPress Lead Capture Tool Will Take Your Business To New Heights

Leads are important towards generating new business and revenues. They are an integrated part of your marketing campaign and help you realize your sales and growth aspirations. As lead generation and management is crucial for online businesses, the market today also has certain software that helps you collect and store the leads easily and effectively. These lead capture tools are easily available online and have an affordable price. The MM plug-in is one of the best offerings in the segment. It has the built-in tools that provide for better management of leads, and the lead capture plug-in also provides for effortless lead management. Equipped with the visual “form” built tools and much more, the software plug-in helps you to capture the different leads from the website via the contact form (integrated within the web page) as well.

Features and functionalities

The best of all lead capture tools, the MM lead capture plug-in provides a number of functionalities. It also promotes the best practices and is the trendsetter in the industry segment. Some of the most useful benefits of the lug-in are given below.

Beyond Google Analytics

Now go beyond Google Analytics and get many more potent leads. You can easily know the broad trends by using Google Analytics, but for individual “lead” information you need something else. The MM lead capture plug-in generates solid and individual leads and also offer analytics to your marketing efforts. When you are a new business, the tool can enhance your conversion rates manifold.

Create and Customize

Create your own contact form and also customize it by using the visual “form builder”. The visual editor is simple and easy to use and has an intuitive interface. Even those who do not have great know-how can create and customize the “contact” form in the bullet format.

Directing the visitor to the exact web location

Redirect all your leads to any web page or website you desire.  The software directs the visitors to the exact page where you want them to be. The lead capture landing page tool hence lowers efforts and adds efficiency to your marketing program.

Auto synchronization

Sync the software plug-in with your lead management online system to get faster and greater results with least of monitoring. The information is directed to the online CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software’s database.

Collect information from various sources

Style and design your lead capture online form just the way you want! You can also collect information and data from other online forms and pages by using the plug-in.

Lead capture tools can take your business to the next level. It is a worthwhile tool for the online businesses. It helps the new businesses create a foothold in the market while maximizing the returns for the old ones.

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