Ways to Boost your Sales with Shopify Reviews App
20 Nov

Ways to Boost your Sales with Shopify Reviews App

Opinions matters! Not only do they direct a person’s choice but also, influence his or her purchasing decision. No matter whether you are making a decision about a restaurant for dinner or a movie date or even a mobile application (app). Talking about applications, product reviews make a lot of difference in the popularity or failure of any app. It directly helps a brand or an app boost its sales! How? Let’s Read!

To support a mobile application, fetch maximum reviews, you may consider trying the following steps:

1. Ask Customers to Add Reviews to your Product

Used a mobile application? Liked it? Review it! This simple mechanism works wonders for any brand. Reviews show the people have used your product and this acts as a guide to a new user. More positive reviews drive better brand loyalty resulting in better sales! Shopify Reviews App ‘Rate Me’ is one such kind which comes with the benefit of enabling customers to add as many reviews to a product as they want.

2. Add Rating Your App

Rating shows the credibility of a product. So, once people start rating an app post usage, more and more people get influenced by their rating and this drives more download of that product/application. It’s easy and influential!

3. Encourage Users to Review Your App

Adding incentives or give away benefits to users for repeated usage of a product increases their satisfaction level towards a brand. This results them to stick on to the app and use it further. Some extra points for every new invite or a little discount goes a long way! Loyal customers also act as a recommended for other potential users.

4. Be Help Ready

Always keep a separate helpdesk for your user to make things handy. In case someone is stuck somewhere, they can always use the help feature to get over the trouble and continue using the application. This acts as a user-friendly feature for your app.

With the above mentioned easy ways you can not only increase the popularity of your app but also, drive more direct traffic on to it!

How Shopify’s Product Reviews App Works?

‘Rate Me’ not only boosts user engagement but also, enhances the conversion rate and sales of your product/ app by presenting users the facility to add as many reviews as possible to your product instantly and spontaneously. Right from growing conviction for your product to driving more of the traffic, more the customer reviews more successful are the chances of the app growing bigger in E-Commerce and transactions. This particular application, ‘Rate Me’ allows the user to understand and manage (publish and/or edit) all the reviews on several products.

Though there are many review apps available in the market however, Shopify Product Reviews App is a must try for its long-established benefits.


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