Geo Location Based Product Price


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Geo Location Based Product Price. Admin will need to setup latitude and longitude and radius in meters

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Geo Location Based Product Price Magento Extension

Geo Location Based Product Price is very useful extension if you want to operate your store for a specific location. In the admin panel extension settings page, admin can setup latitude and longitude as center point and can setup the radius in meters.

In the frontend, system will check user geo location and will find out if the user falls within that radius then product add to cart button will be shown. If user does not fall within that radius then a message will be shown in place of add to cart button. The message which would be shown in place of “Add to cart” button is custom one and can be managed in backend admin panel on extension settings page.


  • Uses Magento’s native js library for faster loading times, no added jQuery.
  • Full Cache abilities to decrease server load and page load times.
  • Installation guide for setup and configure extension in very easy steps.
  • Support and Ongoing Updates.





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