15 Apr

MM Lead Capture Form Plugin- Taking your Online Business to a New Level

The MM Lead Capture Form Plugin is perfect for all those online businesses that are looking to achieve a higher reach. This lead capture software is designed for websites hosted on WordPress and brings in highly effective tools to collect, store and manage information.

Functionalities of MM Lead Capture Plugin

1. Effective Lead Tracking beyond Google Analytics

Google Analytics is amazing at identifying and tracking broad trends, but when it comes to individual lead information, it doesn’t seem to work. Without this information, it becomes very difficult to form a complete picture of a brand. This lead capture plugin, however, resolves the issue and more importantly, offers real time marketing analytics to generate solid leads. It’s perfect if you are a startup brand and want to make the most of the limited number of visitors.

2. Create and Customize Contact Form through the Built-in Visual Form Bullet

The WordPress Lead Capture comes with a very easy and intuitive visual editor. It will be easy for even a non-technical person to create a professional looking contact form in bullet format.

3. Redirecting the Lead to Preferred Webpage of your Site

The plugin here will capture the lead from the landing page of the site and eventually with the help of CRM software, will immediately redirect him/her to a specific page on the site that they came looking for.

4. Synchronize the plugin with the bulk Lead Management System

The lead capture software can be easily synchronized with the existing CRM software and direct the information into the CRM database. This ensures that in less time you can gather a whole lot of information and start working on effective marketing strategies.

5. Create and Customize Email Templates with MM Email Capture WordPress Plugin

The MM Lead Capture software works best when synced with the MM Email Capture Plugin for WordPress. Together, they ensure that it becomes easy for the website manager to create highly appealing email templates and using them to reach out to clients – leads brought in through the MM Email Capture WordPress Plugin.

6. Customize the Style of Lead Capture Form and Collect Information from any form on the website

The MM Lead Capture is one of the most versatile WordPress lead capture plugin, not only in its design but also the functionality. You will be able to clearly define the nature of information collected from the leads and also be able to do it from any page in the website.

Who should be using MM lead capture landing page software?

The MM lead capture WordPress plugin is perfect for all kinds of online businesses, especially startups who are looking to maximize the returns from the limited number of visitors and get information through lead capture landing page. You can check out with the lead management system team to know how the lead capture software works for the long term.  So whether you’ve a start-up or an existing online business, MM lead capture plugin is the best to go for.

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