25 Apr

How Magento E-Commerce Instagram Plugin Boosts Your E-Commerce Business

The eCommerce industry has grown rapidly over the years owing to its great customer base, effective business promotion and development, and perks of business exposure. The industry has been revolutionizing the face of the retail industry for many years now and has grown into a highly competitive market today. With the high competition in the industry, you require new ways to enhance the productivity of your Magento store. Here is where our Magento eCommerce Instagram Plugin can help you.

Our Magento eCommerce Instagram Feed Plugin allows you to employ the eCommerce business development potential of the famous Instagram platform for your Magento store. The plugin serves as an optimum sync between your Magento store and Instagram shop to attract the millions of potential customer of Instagram on your store, thus increasing your product sales.

Before utilizing our Instagram feed extension you need to optimize Instagram for Magento eCommerce, for which you need to register your shop on Instagram, create your shop profile, and add the basic product information. With this, you can share the products using hashtags and links to guide potential customers to your store. After the Instagram part is done you need to bring your Instagram feeds to your Magento store here is where our Magento eCommerce Instagram plugin can help you.

Benefits of our Magento eCommerce Instagram Feed Plugin

  1. Fetching Instagram Feeds on your Magento Store Without any Permission Issues:
    UtilizingInstagram for Magento eCommerce development becomes far simpler with our Instagram Feed Extension. You can simply bring your Instagram image or video files to your Magento store web pages using hashtags and image names. With this, the admin can update and modify the image list on the frontend in an intuitive way. You can post images in a grid view on your desired web page and display the various recent feeds also.
  2. Create an Individual Instagram Page With Our Magento E-Commerce Instagram Plugin: 
    The plugin facilitates you with the capability to create an individual Instagram page showing all the feeds from Instagram displayed on your Magento store. You can view the various images and their information such as likes, description, etc. by clicking on the images.
  3. Creating and Using Hotspots on Images: 
    With our Instagram feed extension, you can position hotspots on the image over the products you want to sell by linking them with their store links on the backend, thus guiding a viewer on a particular product page just by clicking on a particular hotspot. With this, our extension allows you to add multiple titles and links to the created hotspots in an intuitive manner.
  4. Boost the Popularity of Your Products by Displaying the Instagram Likes On Various Product Images: 
    With the help of our Magento eCommerce Instagram Feed Plugin, you can display the likes of particular Instagram images on the hover of the image. These likes flaunt the popularity earned by the image on Instagram, thus promoting a call to action for the viewers.

Our Magento E-Commerce Instagram Plugin is designed to sport various benefits for the eCommerce businesses and help them to boost their business productivity through the popular Instagram platform. So if you want to boost up your business try our Magento E-Commerce Instagram Plugin.

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