29 Apr

How E-Commerce Industry Benefits From Google Shopping Magento Extension

The eCommerce sector has grown tremendously over the years due to its quick return on investment model, wide customer base, high customer reach, and lower business setup cost. But, owing to these perks the competition in the eCommerce sector is another challenge that the retail businesses have come across. Here is where the role of our Magento Google Product Feed Plugin comes into the picture.

You might have a feature-rich Magento eCommerce store, but it often fails to give you the business productivity you desire. So why not boost your Magento store with the praised Google search engine. Our Google Shopping Feed Magento extension can help you to increase your product sales by bringing your product feeds to the Google Merchant Center. With the help of our Google Shopping Magento plugin, you can directly synchronize your Magento store with Google Shopping to feature your store products on a direct search through Google.

Benefits of Magento Google Product Feed Plugin for E-Commerce Businesses-

  • Automated and Productive Product Feed Through Google Shopping Magento
    The Google Shopping Magento Feed extension helps you to map your store product categories and attributes with Google product category and attribute fields in an automated and productive manner. Our Magento Shopping Feed Magento plugin is designed in coordination with the Google Merchant Center specifications so as to feature flawless product feed operations.
  • Sell your Products Through Dynamic Search on Google
    Owing to our soul productive Magento Google Product Feed Plugin you can feed your store products to be displayed on a direct search through Google. Thus boosting your product sales and the expansion of the potential customer base on your Magento Store.
  • Expand Business Exposure With Paid Advertising
    By listing your products on Google Merchant Center with our Google Shopping Magento Feed extension, you can further expand your business exposure with the help of PLAs (paid Listing Ads). For further gaining in customer reach you can go for dynamic remarketing and be retargeting the interested users.

Main Functionalities of our Magento Connect Google Shopping Plugin-

  • Product Category Mapping with Google Categories
  • Store Attributes Mapping With Google Attribute List
  • Filtering XML Data
  • Magento 2 Store Import to Google Shopping
  • Price, Frequency, and Currency Settings

Our Google Shopping Feed Magento plugin is designed and integrated with advanced features to support you with each of your business development goals for your eCommerce store.

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