How do I send images to Google?

Links to your product images are automatically listed in the feed sent to Google. Nothing more is required to send images.

Does Google Shopping Feed support product variations?

Yes, product variations are supported.

If you enable variation support, then each variation is sent as a specific item in your feed. Variations use values from attributes where they are set, and you can provide feed-specific data when editing a variation.

Google says my feed is missing shipping information.

You should set up shipping rules in your Google Merchant Center account. The feed includes shipping weights for products if you need to set up weight-based pricing. It’s not practical to provide shipping information in the feed itself.

What is Instagram Feed Extension.

This is a magento extension. Store Owner can display his Instagram photos on the Homepage and Blog. Provide deeper social web integration by allowing to post Instagram images at your web store.

Do you provide support ant more customization.

Yes! we provide support. If you want to any kind of customization as per your requirement email us or fill our contact form, we will be in touch with you.

Does this Extension support Enhanced Ecommerce (UA)?

No, It’s a basic version only enable GTM on your ecommerce site.

What is Google Tag Manager?

This is a magento extension. It enables GTM tracking on e-commerce site. Store Owner can add and update website tags including conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more with just a few clicks, and without needing to edit your website code.

Does it include any Datalayer ?

No, It does not include any data layer.

Which modules are synchronized by woo-vtiger syncing plugin.

Woo – vtiger syncing Plugin is an indispensable tool to help you synchronize data instantly between Woocommerce and vtiger CRM. The plugin allows to synchronize register customers, sales order and products. Admin can define mapping fields between Woocommerce and vtiger CRM.

How woo-vtiger syncing plugin works.

It perform two way syncing between vtiger crm and woocommerce. It allow auto syncing as well as manual syncing both. Admin can set time interval when the auto syncing have to perform.

Does woo-vtiger work with customized vtiger crm.

No. This plugin works only with default vtiger. but we do this on demand. You want to customize Vtiger CRM then we can help you in customization and we will do syncing for your customized CRM.

My contact form behaves oddly on certain browsers.

This may be caused due to invalid HTML, CSS, or Javascript. Please check your form page with a validator or debugging tool.

Useful tools:

I want to use contact form in my language, not in English. How can I do that?

MM Contact Form has been translated into many languages. See if the languages folder contains a language file for your language.

The locale setting of Contact Form 7 follows the locale setting of WordPress. Once you change the WordPress locale to, Contact Form 7 is also changed. See how to change the WordPress locale here.

My contact form always redirects to 404 error page after submission.

This problem is caused by a combination of two misconfigurations. First, AJAX JavaScript is not functioning on your contact form. Due to this problem, your contact form needlessly redirects after submission. Second, your contact form uses unavailable words in the names of input fields. This issue confuses WordPress, resulting in the 404 (“Not Found”) error.

CAPTCHA does not work; the image does not show up.

To use CAPTCHA, you need GD and FreeType library installed on your server. Also, make sure that CAPTCHA’s temporary folder is writable. For details, see CAPTCHA.

How MM Referral Plugin works?

On plugin installation a unique Referral Code and Referral URL generated. When a user shares his URL with another person and any new person sign up on the website via his code he earn commission.

On how many levels MM-Referral Works?

MM Referral works same as parent-Child Relationship. It works in 4 levels i.e. Top Admin, Super Admin, Referral Admin, and Referring Person.

How can we spread our Unique Referral URL?

Admin shares our Unique Referral URL on a single click on SHARE ON section. Via single click user can share his code on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. If an admin wants to share his code via copy (ctrl+C) and paste (ctrl+V) on any platform directly, he is eligible for this.

How much a user can earn?

No Limit. It depends on how much client shares his code and via this code how many people register on his website.

Can we redirect page after submit form?

Yes, we can redirect page after submit the page using admin settings.

Why we use "MM-Leadcapture" plugin?

We are using it for capture leads in CRM via contact form.

How "MM-Leadcpture" plugin works?

In this, plugin generates many contact forms and sliding form. We display all forms using short-codes. When a form is submitted, lead is generated in CRM and mail sent to email id.

Can we enter more than 10 digit no. in phone field?

Yes, we need to some customization in plugin. Follow these instructions:
a. Go to in plugin folder->MM-Leadcapture -> Shortcodes -> contactformshortcode.php.

Can we use captcha with-out "GD and FreeType library" installed on our server?

Yes, we can use captcha without “GD and FreeType library” installed on our server.

On which site I need to install this plugin (On the source or on Destination)?

You have to install this plugin on your source site from where you want to migrate your data.

Does user need to import image separately?

No, it will migrate all images itself so the user doesn’t need to upload images separately.

What is the best sequence to sync data?

You can sync your data properly with the below sequence:
1) Products syncing
2) Customers syncing
3) Orders syncing
4) Comments syncing

Which data will this plugin sync?

This plugin will migrate all data related to product, order, user and images.

How "Wordpress Migrator" works?

Technically it sync’s data on new site with new id and manage all data relation with new details.

Will this plugin override my old data?

No, this will sync all data with new Id. So, your old data will not get affected.

Will this plugin sync all posts also?

No, this plugin will only sync your product and order.

What is Rate me?

RATE ME is a service that provides product review and question/answer tool for online merchants to establish trust with their customers. Increase sales conversions by show review on the product to the consumer which reassure and legitimize your store.

Who is RATE ME geared towards?

RATE ME is suitable for any online merchant that is looking to optimize their sales conversions.

In which language Product Reviews available in which language?

Product Reviews is available in English language only.

How is my overall score displayed for my product reviews?

Your overall score for your product reviews is displayed with a star rating from 1-5 stars. There is no Score (number) or star label (text) displayed.

What information required If I want a customer to review my product, what information is needed?

Following product information required to send a product review invitation:

  1. The customer’s name
  2. The customer’s email address
  3. Review Title
  4. Review comment
  5. Star Rating

How do I share my product reviews on my website?

You can share reviews on your product page by publishing it from the backend.

Can anyone leave a product review?

Yes, anyone can leave a review.

Can anyone ask questions?

Yes, anyone who visits your store can ask questions about products.

Who can answer the questions?

Anyone can answer to product questions.

Can I modify the question?

Yes, you can modify both question and answer from our backend and also delete the question and answer.

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